FEATURED listings Through Spirit, I am able to connect with you and those who have passed. As an Intuitive Life/Relationship Coach, I am able to assist you with resolving issues from your past, to work through the present and guide you as you look forward to your future. My passion comes from knowing I can help you by sharing the guidance and wisdom of Spirit.
I provide Ideas and Suggestions to help you make informed decisions. It is not my intent to choose for you, but rather to present you with quality options. All intent and purpose is for your Highest Spiritual Good. I am grateful to God/Spirit for allowing me to share these gifts with others. My intuition allows me to feel emotions on the deepest level. I am passionate about helping others and do so by providing honest and genuine readings. My Clients feel a strong sense of peace and/or calm at the end of their reading. They feel like a weight or veil has been lifted from them. As "I" am, GracedByU, Kat
Lyn Ragan psychic recommendations Author / Writer
READINGS defined What Is A Psychic Anyway? Arts of divination or extra sensory perceptions are diverse, numerous, ancient and new. Many good psychics will possess multiple psychic gifts. Clairvoyant: someone who has the power of clairvoyance. Clairvoyance comes from the French and Latin words Clair meaning CLEAR and Voyant and Voir meaning TO SEE. So a clairvoyant is said to be able to see clearly what normally can’t be seen, or to see the future or to see the spirits of people who have passed over -- A person who is able to see spirit and foresee the future. A reading means a psychic will tell you (read to you) what he or she is seeing clearly beyond the natural range of the visual sense. Clairaudience is the psychic ability to hear things that are inaudible. Meaning a psychic hears beyond the natural sense of hearing. He or she may ‘hear clearly’, and perceive sounds or words from spirits, guides, or angels or simply hear into your future. Clairempathy is to be able to feel emotions from beyond natural realms. Clairsentience refers to a psychic’s ability to pick up sensations and relate messages from those sensations. Clairscentient means being able to smell aroma beyond physical levels. Clairtangency is sometimes used to describe a psychic’s ability to touch beyond the physical. Clairgustance refers to taste. Some psychics will be able to pick up certain tastes while conducting a reading. Divine Intervention: Spontaneous spiritual visions that can guide and direct the seer. Empath: A psychic empath (sometimes called a Sensitive) takes on other people's feelings of pain or pleasure, actually feeling the emotions of others. For a psychic empathy healer it is an ability that can help in relating the symptoms and cause of a client's ailment. However many empaths would rather not have this sensitivity as they can experience life as an emotional roller coaster when in the midst of emotionally high people. Faith Healing: Healing by prayer, mental intent and/or the laying-on of hands, both within religious practitioner frameworks and in the secular community. Precognition: Knowledge or awareness of the future, obtained through extra sensory perceptions - ESP. Psychic Medium: A person with extra sensory perception who acts as a channel or conduit in communication with guides, angels, spirits or those that have passed on. Psychic Tarot Reader: A person with extra sensory perception who uses the imagery from Tarot cards to gain knowledge or awareness of past, present and future events.
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